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Efficient wide-field FLIM
A.J. Bowman, B.B. Klopfer, T. Juffmann, M.A. Kasevich
submitted (2019)

Design for a 10 KeV Multi-Pass Transmission Electron Microscope
S. A. Koppell, M. Mankos, A. J. Bowman, Y. Israel, T. Juffmann, B. B. Klopfer, M. A. Kasevich
Ultramicroscopy, in press (2019)

Local Optimization of Wave-fronts for high sensitivity PHase Imaging (LowPhi)
T. Juffmann, A. de los Rios Sommer, S.Gigan
Optics Communications, in press (2019)

Multi-pass transmission electron microscopy
T. Juffmann, S.A. Koppell, B.B. Klopfer, C. Ophus, R.M. Glaeser, M.A. Kasevich
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1699 (2017)

Multi-pass microscopy
T. Juffmann, B.B. Klopfer, T.L.I. Frankort, P. Haslinger, M.A. Kasevich
Nature Communications 7, 12858 (2016)

Designs for a quantum electron microscope
P. Kruit, R.G. Hobbs, C.S. Kim, Y. Yang, V.R. Manfrinato, J. Hammer, S. Thomas, ...
Ultramicroscopy 164, 31-45 (2016)

Ultrafast time-resolved photoelectric emission
T. Juffmann, B.B. Klopfer, G.E. Skulason, C. Kealhofer, F. Xiao, S.M. Foreman, M.A. Kasevich...
Physical Review Letters 115 (26), 264803 (2015)

An atomically thin matter-wave beamsplitter
C. Brand, M. Sclafani, C. Knobloch, Y. Lilach, T. Juffmann, J. Kotakoski, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 10 (10), 845-848 (2015)

Real-time single-molecule imaging of quantum interference
T. Juffmann, A. Milic, M. Müllneritsch, P. Asenbaum, A. Tsukernik, J. Tüxen, M. Mayor, O. Cheshnovsky, M.Arndt
Nature Nanotechnology 7 (5), 297 (2012) 

Quantum physics meets biology
M. Arndt, T. Juffmann, V. Vedral
HFSP journal 3 (6), 386-400 (2009)