In addition to his commitment to research, Thomas Juffman is also a team member of the 'SEEC - Photography at the Speed of Light' project, which combines science and art. The project records how light propagates through objects, literally observing light (Greek: 'photo') in the process of writing (Greek: 'graphy') an image.

What you see in the video below: Pulsed lasers and gated detection make it possible to image the propagation of light. In this portrait, a pulse of light first passes over one of the artists (Enar de Dios Rodriguez) and a few nanoseconds later a shadow is created on a screen behind her.

Science Murals Vienna


The art-science project WIENERWISSEN brings Viennese science to the people of Vienna. The wall murals stand as an invitation to engage: to learn about an equation, to be inspired by a short story about science and the people behind it, and to take part in the discussion about how science and technology can and should shape our lives.

Thomas Juffmann is part of this art project that takes scientific achievements out of museums and universities and into the public domain.

In the photo below you can see the Max Perutz Mural at Rennweg 95A in the 3rd district of Vienna.